Places of Interest

Sree Raman Chira Chemmappilly

sreeraman chira



Seven Ponds

There are several ponds in Triprayar area which are closely connected with Rama temple.

Sethu Kulam

Located in Tipu Sultan road.

sethu kulam

Puthan Kulam

Kotha Kulam

Located at Kothakulam junction in NH 17(near to Vennikkal Shiva Temple)

kotha kulam

Raman Kulam

Blahayil Kulam

Located in Tipu Sultan road.

Kuttan Kulam

Located near Jnanappilly mana.

kuttan kulam

Kurukkan Kulam

Kunjunni Mash's Birth Place

Triprayar Shivayoigni Amma


Nattika Beach
Kothakulam Beach
Snehatheeram Beach