Offerings, Vazhipadu

Chathan Bhandaram

The best way to escape from the clutches of the frolicsome spirit is to worship Thriprayarappan and please him with the offerings. The name itself of the strong of the temple is known as Chathan Bhandaram. It is a common sight that people afflicted with spirits perform various kinds of offerings at the temple to get them eradicated from their bodies.

Kathina Vedi Vazhipadu (Fire Cracks)

Firing of kathinas or Vedi vazhipadu is an important offering here. It is to commemorate the return of Hanuman after the search of Sita, with the words, 'Drishta Sita'-seen Sita. There is a belief among Hindus that if anyone sets apart some money as an offering to the deity for firing crackers, the delivery of a pregnant woman in his family will be easy and comfortable. The rate for one kathina vedi is Rs 12/- and for 101 kathina vedi the rate is Rs. 1200/-. The vazhipadu is performed at the southern courtyard of the temple.

Meen Oottu

Feeding the fishs in Purayar river flowing infront of the temple is a main offering here. It is believed that the fishs are the pets of Triprayar Thevar and feeding them will please Him. Usually Meen Oottu is offered to reduce the discomfort of Asthma patients and for improving their health. Rice for meen oottu offfering is available at the counter near the Anakkottil. Devottees have to take a reciept for Rs. 6/- for the same.

Chakyar Koothu

The performing art Chakyar Koothu is very much associated with this temple and is an important offering here. It is said that once king Samoothiri visited this temple and watched this art and he expressed his wish to see the Hanuman’s mischieves in Lanka in detail. Thus the Koothu was extended to a twelve day performance. The Koothu performance starts on the first of Vrichika month(November). To stage Koothu there should be at least one Brahmin present in the audience. Once there was no Brahmin at all available and the Chakiyar, the performer of Koothu, did not know how to proceed. He stood perplexed, not knowing what to do. Suddenly a voice came from the sanctum saying that 'Koothu is not for Brahmins but for me. Therefore perform Koothu in my presence.' Since then Koothu, which was, being staged in the specially erected Koothambalam on the south-east corner of the temple started being staged in the mandapa itself inside the temple. And only angya Koothu(pantomime) is performed and the sanctum remains open throughout the performance. From Vrischikam 1 (mid-November) koothu is presented for 12 days as an offering by the temple management itself. The subject enacted is Anguliyangam in the Ramayana, that is, Hanuman taking the ring from Sita after finding her in Lanka and taking it back to Sri Rama. The major part of the performance is devoted to a conversation between Hanuman and Sita.

Other Offerings

Besides Palpayasam, Chandanam Charthu(smearing of the idol with sandal paste), different archanas and meenoottu(feeding fishs in theevra river) are other important offerings to the deity.