Festivals of Sree Rama Swami Temple - Triprayar Ekadasi Festival and Arattupuzha Pooram

Ekadasi in Vrischikam (November- December) and pooram in Meenam (March-April) are the two annual festivals conducted in the temple.

Triprayar Ekadasi

The Ekadasi festival in the month of Vrischikam(November - December) is the main festival. Ekadasi celebrations start on Dasami day(day before Ekadasi) itself when Ayyappa is taken in procession. This shows the importance of Ayyappa whose temple it was before the installation of Sri Rama. On Ekadasi day, Sree Rama is taken in procession with as many as 21 elephants participating. Thousands of people from far and near will gather here to witness the celebrations.

Arattupuzha Pooram

Thriprayar Thevar is the presiding deity of the Arattupuzha Pooram. The seven day Pooram festival is celebrated in the malayala month of Meenam(March-April). The Pooram festival begins on the Makayiram asterism in Meenam and ends on the Pooram asterism. During the 7 days the real show of festival is only on the first and last days. There is no flag-hoisting ceremony here and in fact there is no flag-staff to herald the annual utsavam. That means the festival is not Dwajadi but is Padahadi. The procession from the temple begins after 101 Kathina Vedi and Kottippurappadu. This is famous as Makayiram Purappadu. Every day for seven days the procession starts from Triprayar for a certain place where the arattu is held, giving opportunity to thousands outside Triprayar to offer worship to the deity. On the day of Arattupuzha pooram, Triparayarappan goes there in order to participate in the pooram. It is believed that to witness the 'Deva Mela' all the gods and goddesses in addition to spirits and fairies present themselves at Arattupuzha. This Pooram is a mega event and attending it will do away the sins of a whole year, it is believed. The entire route, stretching 12-km, of Sree Rama from Triprayar to Aratupuzha get make-up by the villagers and wait thousands in excitement to see the deity passes through in the night. The full stretch of the route is also thrilled by fireworks from one end to the other end. On Pooram day the famous Koottiezhunnalliippu will be performed and Triprayar Thevar will be accompanied by Goddesses Oorakathamma and Cherppu Bhagavathy on either side. These Goddesses represents Sree Devi and Bhumi Devi respectively. In the past according to the Hindu mythology, 108 gods and goddesses participate at the pooram. In the old palm-leaf records there are certain references which tell us that the pooram festival was started even before 583 B.C. Over a hundred elephants took part until a generation ago. Now the number of elephants has come down. But there is no diminution in the rituals or in the pageantry.