The Triprayar temple was originally under the domain of the Zamorin rulers of Kerala. It later came under the posession of the Dutch, the Mysore sultans and the rulers of Cochin. Triprayar temple is situated in what is called Chettuva Island, which was formerly under the Zamorins. In 1719 it was annexed by the Dutch. Then Tipu Sultan defeated the Dutch and annexed the territory. Later the territory became part of Cochi and the Cochi King gave the ownership of this temple to local Nampoothiri community. Thereafter this temple was owned by three important Nampoothiri families - Jnanappally, Chelur, and Punnappilli - and the administration was carried out by Blahayil Nair. But unfortunately due to continuous conflict between the owners and Blahayil Nair, the government took over the charge of the temple. Now it is under the administrative control of the Cochin Devaswom Board.

Tanthri - Chief Priest


Melsanthi - Main Priest


Ooranma Illams

Jnanappally Mana

Punnappilli Mana

Chelur Mana

Blahayil Nair

Karanma Families