Thirupatisaram Kuralappa Perumal Temple

In pasurams, Nammalvar refers Thiruppatisaram as Thiruvanparisaaram. Mahavishnu is refered as Sree Thirukkuralappa Perumal or Thiruvaazhmaarbhan and Thayar (Mahalakshmi) as Kamala valli Naachiyaar.

Thirupatisaram Mahavishnu Temple is located at around 4 kms from Nagarcoil on Nagarcoil-Trivandrum Road. This is the birth place of saint Nammalvar and he praised the lord in his hymns in the ninth century. The idol of Mahavishnu is in sitting posture. Other deities are Sree Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. The large temple tank is known as Somatheertha and has miraculus powers to cure diseases.

Saptha rishis were doing penance near this place called Ashrama near Suchindram. First, Lord Shiva appeared infornt of them as Sthanumalaya Perumal and when they expressed their desire to see Lord Vishnu, they were advised by Lord Shiva to go north-west and do penance. Kesava Perumal pleased with their devotion appeared before them in this place. At the request of the rishis, Perumal continued to stay here.

Legends says thats Lakshmi was taken aback by seeing the Ugra(Ferocious) swaroopa of the Lord Narasimha after slaying Hiranyakasipu and performed tapas. The Lord took His normal pleasant form at the request of Prahlada and came in search of Lakshmi here. Lakshmi became very happy and took her rightful place in the heart of the Lord. Hence the Lord here is called Tiruvazhmarban and place called Tirupatisaram as the Lord resides here.

The dwaja sthambam was constructed by Kulasekhara Alwar. The most important festival is Adi Swathi, the day on which Perumal took Kulasekhara Alwar bodily to Paramapadam. Yudhishtira on his way to Rameswaram stayed here. The day he visited this temple is celebrated as Karthika Bali Utsavam as the star on the day Yudhishtira visited was Karthika. As the Perumal of this divya desam helped Raja Marthanda Varma in defeating his enemies, the king took initiative in celebrating a festival known as Anizham Thirunal (Anizham is the birth star of the king). On Chithirai Thiru Naal (utsavam), Perumal is seated on a Ratha. This ratha was gifted as a thanks- giving by Moolam Thirunaal Raja who was blessed with a son.

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