Rajarajeswara Stotras

The most distinguished of the royal poets of the Zamorin of Calicut, Uddanda Sastri, being a Nirgunopasaka was never given to worshipping of deities. Whenever he visited any temple he simply stood before the deity folding his hands. But when he stood before Rajarajeswara, the King of Kings, at Taliparamba he was so overwhelmed by the magnificence of the deity that he unconsciously uttered the words, 'Hara Hara Mahadeva', and prostrated himself before the Lord. Then and there he composed a verse to the effect that when he saw the splendorous crescent adorning the idol his hands automatically joined together in prayer. "Moon on your head is like an actual moon which makes the devotees fold their hand as if a water lilly does in the moonlight".

Stotras praising Rajarajeswara are availabile in Sanskrit and in Malayalam. Among them Chellooreesa Vilasam and Chelloorppiran Sthuthi are the most important works. Several vandana shlokas are also available.