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Kottumpuram is a mandapa situated infront of the Rajarajeswara Temple Gopuram. This sanctum is considered to be a place where only the Kohinoors of scholars and artists received recognition, which considered to be greatest achievement in the life of a scholar and artist. Renowned sanskrit scholar Uddanda Sasthrikal had received recognition here. Let this place which have the devine presence of Lord Parasurama, continue the noble work of recognising the scholars and artists thereby the world come to know our rich culture and heritage. One of the greatest appreciation or award that an artist/scholar can get, is the 'Veerashringhala'- Golden Bracelet, from the temple, given by the unanimous approval of the scholar body of the temple. Guru Mani Madhava Chakyaar is the youngest and last person to get the Veerashringhala from here.

Aashraamath Chira