Offerings - Vazhipadu

Ghee in small pots are offered to the presiding deity Shiva and are placed on steps leading to the sanctum. Its called Neyyamrithu in Malayalam language. The custom is that just as kings and emperors are seen only by offering some gifts-kazhchha-the Lord of Taliparamba, who is King of Kings, can be seen only by placing naiamrithu on the sopanam (steps leading to the sanctum). The ghee offered is used for abhisheka and for lighting the lamps in the central shrine. On auspicious days like Mondays, pradosham etc., hundreds of such small naiamrithu pots can be seen placed before the deity.



Rate (in Rs/-)

1. Neyyamruth (Ghee Pots) 3.00
2. Pushpanjali 3.00
3. Neyy Vilakku (Ghee Lamp) 7.00
4. Ponninkudam (Gold Pot) 601.00
5. Vellikkudam (Silver Pot) 451.00
6. Swarnapattam (Big) 20.00
7. Swarnapattam (Small) 10.00
8. Swarna Thali (Gold Pendent) 5.00
9. Swayamvara Pushpanjali 25.00
10. Aswamedha Namaskaram 401.00
11. Yama Namaskaram 1700.00
12. Niramala (other expenses additional) 700.00
13. Thulasi Mala (Thulasi Garland) 5.00
14. Thrimadhuram 5.00
15. Deepasthambham 501.00
16. Chuttuvilakku 501.00
17. Theertham 1.00
18. Swarna Prathima 10.00
19. Velli Prathima 7.00
20. Sadhanam Konduvannu Oppikkal (for self bringing offerings) 10.00
21. Choroonu (Annaprasa) 50.00
22. Thiruvappam 100.00
23. Aanayoottu (feeding temple elephent) 200.00
24. Annadanam (for one day) 3000.00
25. Sthanavum Sammanavum (Honouring and giving gifts) 1001.00
26. Videography Charges 100.00

Devotees must book in advance for offerings like Aswamedha Namaskaram, Yama Namaskaram, Niramala, Deepasthambham, Chuttuvilakku, Thiruvappam and Annadanam

Customs to be Followed

  1. Do not enter the nalambalam wearing or keeping in hand shirt, banyan,pyjama, lungi, bermuda, three fourths etc.
  2. Children more than 4 years are only allowed to enter the nalambalam
  3. Ladies are allowed to enter nalambalam only after athazha pooja(night) with ghee pots.
  4. Offerings to the lord should be put in the hundika(bhandaram)
  5. Devottees are not allowed to circummbulate after athazha pooja
  6. For videography and photography receipts should be obtained from the counter
  7. Only hindus are allowed to enter the temple
  8. Devottees are not allowed to enter the temple wearing chappels
  9. Devottees are not allowed to enter nalambalam keeping in hand any other temples prasadam