Sreepuram Saraswathi Temple - Parippu, Kottayam

Om Sam Saraswathyai Nama

Sree puram Saraswathi, temple is situated at 9 Kilometers away from Kottayam Town,near the bank of beautiful Meenachil River.Temple is now governed by Travancore Devaswam Board.

The temple was built nearly a hundred and fifty years a Brahmin lady named Meenakshy,who comes from the famous family of Chenappady.,Parippu.,D/o Smt.and Sri.Ramaswamy Iyer,Chenappady and sister of Anantharama Iyer,Chenappady and Harihara Iyer,Kuriyannor Madom. Smt.Meenakshy was get married when she was too young.Her husband was belongs to Moncompu,Alleppey district.Unfortunately he died due to some illness The life of Meenakshy spoiled due to this incident.

She stayed with her brother,Anantha Rama Iyer at Chenappady for a few years. During that period she happened to caught Small Pox and fever and appeared to a critical stage.But surprisingly,due to her failth in Goddess Madhura Meenakshy,who appeared in her dreams escaped her from the killer decease.That was a tuning point in her life.After then she came to Kuriyannoor Madom as per the request of her another brother,Harihara Iyer.and stayed with him.At that time she spent all the day time with prayers, and also did some pooja’s by drawing “Sree Chakram”.During that days she happened to get a Saraswathy Vigraham and with the help of her husbands parents she built a temple ,near the kuriyannoor Madom and done the Prathista karmam soon. She continued her poojas and prayers there. Many of the people came and participated with her .Many more Kerthana’s were written by her regarding Madhura Meenakshy and that period. And lilved like a Sanyasini. It is history.

Years passed by …After the death of Meenakshy,the temple pooja’s were not done properly.Soon the family members gave the temple and related properties to Travancore Devaswam Board. Now the temple is under the control of Major Parippu Mahadevar temple.and pooja’s were done there in the morning and evening.

When the Navarathry season comes,The Kuriyannoor and Chenappady family members jointly doing special poojas throughout the day in 9 days with the help of Khsetra Upadesaka samathy and all the people around Parippu.and Kottayam.Durgashtami,Manavami and Vijayadashami are most important and on these days Music concerts are also performed.On Vijayadashami day many young kids are coming to start” Harishri” from this Saraswathi temple.

There is two Bhava’s at the temple Shrine. One is Godess Madhurai Meenakshi and the other is Vidyadevatha Sri.Saraswathi. During Karkidakam (July Auguest months) Bhagavathi Seva is performing every day. Special pooja’s are conducting during the Mandalamasam (Vrischigam to Makaram)There is a Nagaraja Prathishta also near this temple.

If any body like to visit or doing any special prayers at this temple,please contact at the below said address.

K.Ananda Ram,Geethanjali,Parippu.P.O,Kottayam-14
Mob.9447660792, Ph.0481-2516486 or

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