Sita Lava Kusa Temple - Pulppalli, Vayanad District, Kerala

Pulppally (Pulpally)Sita Lava Kusa Temple is the only temple in Kerala decdicated to Sita Devi, consort of Lord Rama. Pulppally temple is one of the few in India devoted for Sita Devi. The icons of Lava and Kusa, children of Sita, are also installed here. It is believed that Sita Devi went into earth here. This place and the surrounding areas are believed to be the key places in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The temple festival which is celebrated annually in the month of January is famous and is attracted people from various parts of Wayanad.

Seetha Devi, Lava, Kusa Temple Pulpally comes under Sree Pulpally Devaswam. Sree Pulpally Devaswam in under the purview of Malabar Devaswom Board. Kuppathode Nair is the Ooralan(Trustee) of Sree Pulpally Devaswam.Phone number of Pulpally Devaswam is 0495 241175. Sree Purakkady Devaswam near Meenangadi is also under the Trustee ship of Kuppathode rajasekharan Nair.Sree Chedattinklavu,Moolasthanam of Sree Pulpally Devaswam and Valmeeki Hermitage ,the Poorvasthanam are other attractions.The biggest rosewood tree is also under Sree Pulpally Devaswam.

Pulpally is a mid-sized town in Wayanad District of Kerala. Geographically a "Village" under Sultan Battery Taluk and a "Grama Panchayath" under local self governance system. It is about 24 km from Sultan Battery, and is almost surrounded by forest.