Ramapuram Sree Rama Temple

Ramapuram temple is situated at Ramapuram near Palai, located about 40 km from Kottayam and is well connected by bus. Devottees can reach here from Koothattukulam in M.C road. Main deity is Rama. This temple is managed by a Temple Trust called Ramapuram Devaswom of 3 Nampoothiri families on rotation, viz. Amanakara mana, Kunnoor mana and Karanattu mana.

Mythology is that this temple has been built at the place where Rama rested on his way to Sri Lanka. The ambalakkulam or temple pond is located on the northern side of the temple and is the arattukulam for Kondadu Sree Dharma Sastha. The 8 day annual Utsavam is in Meenam (March/April). The Arattu is done in the theerthakkulam of Amanakara Sree Bharatha Swami Temple. Sree Rama Paduka Pooja is done on this occassion. The old dwaja was replaced with a new one in 2007. The circular sreekovil is copper covered.

Ramapurathu Varriyer,who wrote the Kuchelavrutham Vanchipattu was an ardent devotee of Ramapuram Sree Rama and was the Kazhakakkaran of this temple. One day he made a garland in the form of a Shloka and offered it to Lord Rama. The Shlokam was this.

Na krutham sukrutham Kinchil
Bahudhaa dushkrutham krutham
Na Jaane Jaanakee Jane
Yamaahwena Kimuthamam?

I hadn't done any Sukrutham (good thing) yet, but had done many Dushkrutham (bad things). Oh Jaanakee Jaane (Rama) I don't know how to answer Lord Yama's questions.

Lalithambika Antharjanam, a noted writer in Malayalam was also an ardent devotee of Lord Rama of Ramapuram. This Sree Rama Temple is the first temple which devotees visit when they embark on the Nalambalam (Four Temples) yatra or visit. This journey is connected with the visit to four temples namely, Sree Rama Temple at Ramapuram, Bharatha Temple at Amanakara, Lakshmana Temple at Koodappulam and Sree Shatrughna Temple at Methiri. Nalambalam Yathra starts with the visit to Sree Rama temple at Ramapuram and ends with the visit to Methiri Sree Shatrughna Temple.

Pooja Timing


Nada Thurakkal (opening) : 5 am
Usha Pooja : 5.45 am
Ethirtha Pooja: 6.30 am
Pantheerady Pooja: 7.15 am
Ucha Pooja: 9.30 am
Nada Adakkal (closing): 10.00 am


Nada Thurakkal (opening) : 5 pm
Deeparadhana : 6.30 pm
Athazha Pooja : 7.30 pm
Nada Adakkal (closing): 8.00 pm

In Ramayana Masa (Karkkidakam) pooja timings are from 5.00 am to 12.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm

Nalambalam Darsana Krama

Devotees should visit Sree Rama temple first. Then visit Amanakara Bharatha Temple, Koodappulam Lakshmana Temple and Methiri Sathrughna Temple. Then again visit Sree Rama temple to complete the nalambalam darsanam. The custom is to visit these temples before ucha pooja at Sri Rama Temple (around 11.30 pm). If you are visiting these temples other than karkkidaka month, please visit before 10 am.


Sree Rama Swami Temple
Ramapuram P. O
Kottayam District
Kerala - 686591
Ph: 04822 263100

Devaswam Manager - Adv. A. R. Budhan, Amanakaramana, Ph: 9447473801
Devaswam Secretary - Parameswaran Namboothiri, Karanattumana, Ph: 9446922282
Devaswam Treasurer - K. Reghunath, Kunnoor Mana, Ph: 9447869885

Official website of the temple http://sreeramtemple.org/

How to reach

Those who are coming from Ernakulam/Ankamali:

Muvattupuzha - Koothattukulam - Amanakara - Ramapuram

Those who are coming from Thiruvananthapuram/Kottayam:

Ettumanoor - Kuravilangadu - Koothattukulam - Amanakara - Ramapuram


Ettumanoor - Pala - Chakkampuzha - Ramapuram

Nearby Temples

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For Sabarimala Pilgrims

Facilities will be arranged for Sabarimala pilgrims at Ramapuram Temple and Palliyampuram Temple during mandala-makaravilakku season. Those who choose Koothattukulam-Ramapuram-Pala-Kanjirappally route to Erumely can easily visit the nalambalams (especially in the morning).

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