Nagercoil (Nagarkovil) Nagaraja Temple

Ohm Nagarajaya Nama:

Mannarassala ,Paambumeekkavu,Vettikkotu etc are measured as the sanctified seats of Nagadevatha worship in Kerala.Nagercoil is s south Indian Naga adulation centre located in the Kanyakumari district, on Kerala -Tamilnadu boundary. This destination may be quite similar to every one as it’s a main trade centre of south .But a good number of the people are oblivious about the Naga Temple here, which is very old and of enormous devotional significance.

An extremely dedicated Namboothiri of Meayykattu Illam undergone a Bhjanam for twelve days at Thiruvanjikkulam Temple in order to get rid of his scarcity. Lord Siva, pleased with his devotion and obligation, assigned Vaasuki to come into sight before the poor man.Vasuki appeared before the Namboothiri and presented him the valuable Nagamanikya , which will help him to eliminate his dearth. The Namboothiri, from that day started to worship Nagaraja and Nagayakshi. The Illam then became popular as Paambummekkatillam.Every disease due to “Sarpakopam( affected due to the curse of snakes) has treatment in this place and thus it became admired everywhere.

Once the Namboothiri treated and cured Pandyaking’s skin ailment at his courtand was returning all the way through the thick forested place called Koottar, which is now called Nagrcoil .Hearing a loud cry of a lady, the group went there and were astonished to see blood from a stone .The lady was trying to grind a iron mace against a rock. Namboothiri recognized the stone as an idol of a five headed snake. Knowing the importance of the place Naamboothiri did all the Pooja procedures and made a small temple with idol of snake. They made a hut with coconut leaves and cleared way. Namboothiri offered various Poojas and shaped rules and regulations for the same. From then, the temple was called Nagercoi (Temple of Naga).Nagaraja was satisfied and the temple was showered with all the prosperity. Once the Nagaraja appeared before Namboothiri’s dream and said that he wish to live in the same small Tempe and not want to move to any other place which holds more amenities. Presnet time too, the Nagaraja lives in the same old Temple. Vishnu and Siva were then positioned in the new temple constructed for Nagaraja.

Nagraja deity, which is considered to be originated itslef , is situated below the ground level in a square plot which is a wet place. It has five faces. Only the place where the Nagaraja seats is wet .The soil here underneath the Prathishta has a saffron colour.It is because of the blood that oozed form the head of the idol. The soil is given as Prasada.The soil will not lessen even though lots of quantity is being taken day by day. This soil is considered as a good medicine for skin diseases. The surrounding walls of temple are made of mud. The roof is constructed using coconut leaves and bamboo polls.

Once Pambummekkavu Namboothiri transferred his Pooja duties to Neelakanta Bhatathiri. At that time the Pambummekkattu Illam witnessed menace in the form of sufferings and child tragedies.As a assertion of his guilt, from that year Pambummekkatu Illam and Paravoor Illam began to do the Thanthric duties at this temple in successive years in an alternative manner.Cheruthazham Perkulathtu Narayanan Namboothir, Govindan Namboothiri,Perkkandillam Madhavan Nambothiri were some of the main Thanthris of this temple.

Ayilyam at Thulam month is the famous for this temple. During this month under the guidance of Pambummekkavu Namboothiri, a twelve day pooja rite will be done in , which comprise special Thathric rituals. Naga dosha inJathaka , Nagashapa (curse of sanke), problems due to avoidance of Nagathara and Sarppakakvu , Marriage obstacles, Child Problems, etc can be cured by witnessing the Ayilya Pooja.Rahu Dosha,Kethuu Dosha ,Kalasarppayoga etc can be eliminated by doing poojas and rituals at this tempe.The Parihara Karma can be done even in sundays ,as the temple has the existence of Shaiva and Vishnu.

Paramashiva,Anandakrishna,Rugmini, Sathyabhama,Ganapathi,Utsavamoorthi of Anadakrishna, Bhoothathan, Shasthavu,Durga,Balamurugan,Rajaganapathi etc are the Upadevathas in this temple .Arashuganapathi surrounded by Nagaprathishtas is a peculiarity of the temple.Radhotsavam is yet another ritual which is celebrated as Aarattu in Ayilyam at Makaram..During this day the Utsavamoorthi of Ananthakrishnan is decorated for Eazhunnellathu .The Radhotsavam festival comes at Thaippooyam occasion.

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