Moonnambalam Thozhal (Pilgrimage to Three Temples)


Taliparamba Temple is also connected with two more temples - Thrichambaram Sree Krishna Temple and Kanjirangad Sree Vaidyanatha Temple. Taliparamba, Thrichambaram and Kanjirangad temples are collectively called Moonnambalams (three temples). Those who visit Taliparamba temple should also visit Thrichambaram and Kanjirangad temples.

Taliparamba Rajarajeswara Temple

Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple

Kanjirangad Vaidyanatha Temple

Visit to these three temples is called Moonnambalam Thozhal. Though it is not practised as widely as it was in the earlier days, it is still a religious custom among many local Hindu women to visit these prominent temples in Taliparamba when they are pregnant. For getting good children and for normal delivary pregnant women (before 5 months) usually visit these three temples. It is believed that Shiva at Rajarajeshwara temple assures the child a high status, Sri Krishna of Trichambaram bestows with good nature and mental qualities and the deity Vaidyanatha at Kanjirangad temple with long life.

Distance to Thrichambaram Sree Krishna Temple from Rajarajeswara Temple - 3 Km
Distance to Kanjiranjgad(Kanhirangad) Vaidyanatha Temple Rajarajeswara Temple - 5 Km