Methiri Sathrughna Temple

This is the only temple dedicated to Lord Shatrughna in Kottayam.It is situated at Methiri in Ramapuram Panchayat which is 4 kms from the Sree Rama temple at Ramapuram. The temple is haven of peace and sanctity and a devotee experiences an unique sense of satisfaction after praying in this abode. The Shatrughna Temple is the fourth temple which devotees visit when they embark on the Nalambalam (Four Temples) yatra or visit. Visiting nalambalam is considered to be a sacred event during the Malayalam month of Karkidakam. Nalambalam Yathra is a religious journey popular in Kerala. This journey is connected with the visit to four temples namely, Sree Rama Temple at Ramapuram, Bharatha Temple at Amanakara, Lakshmana Temple at Koodappulam and Sree Shatrughna Temple at Methiri.

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