Kallampally Markandeya Sastha Temple Vazhappally

Sri Markandeya Dharma Sastha Temple in Kllampally street, Vazhapally, Fort, Thiruvananthapuram, popularly known as Kallampally Sastha Temple, is a famous and ancient temple in Thiruvananthapuram City. The uniqueness of this temple is that inside the main sreekovil there are prathishtas of Sastha and Siva and also Sivalinga in the right hand of Sri Sastha. The belief is that Sastha is worshipping Siva. The deity is known as Markandeswaran on accountant of this. For the same reason sanidosha nivarana poojas like neeranjanam, saneeswara homam are found very effective. In addition the devi prathishta in rajarajeswari bhavam and ganapathy prathista for vignanivaranam and navagraha prathishtas for graha dosha nivaranam add to the chaithanyam and importance of this temple. This ancient temple was renovated in 2010 as per the directions of the temple acharyas. The renovation included the reconstruction of the upadevalayas and punaprathishta of devi and ganapathy vigrhas and new navagra prathishta. In March 2010 ashtabanda kalasa and kumbabhishekam were conducted.

Legand of the Temple

The different methods of worship and concept of god, the ultimate reality, in kerala temples are unique and wonderful. The kallampally sastha temple is a typical example for this. The sastha deity in the center of the srikovil is having sivalingam in the right hand, the right foot is bent, left foot is bent and leaving a belt to the side. This is a sreekovil where the deity is in Dyanasanam (Meditation Pose). The prathista here can be said to be a very rare one generally in the right hand abhaya mudra is seen. But here dharma sastha is having siva linga in right hand.which is in prapanja bhava. This sastha is known as markandeya sastha having controlled the prapanja sakthi in the eye, and having the shade of nagadeva’s five goods on the fiery eye is the appearance of this lingam. This sivalingam represents the vast and limitless sakthi. Perhaps this is all comprehensive fully manifestation of sivam.

Another sivalingam is also inside the sreekovil which is prapanja purusha roopa and which is protected by five hoods of a serpant and which represents the five indriyas. Here the sastha deity also worship this siva bhava. Here the vahana of sastha is elephant. It is considered that this temple is older than the temple of sri padmanabha. Not only that, in divine power and chaithanya sri dharma sastha here stood first according to potty of Nethaseri Mana who owned this temple. According to a legendery strory told by sri. Krishnan potty of Nethassery Mana, the power of sri. Markandeya Sastha is indicated as follows. The prathista of sri. Padmanabha Swamy could not be made firm and it was realized that there was a more strong saiva chaithanyam in the area. That was why the vigraha prathishta could not be done. Further probe revealed that the mahasakthi is that of markandeya sastha. Then sastha preethi was performed for 41 days and after knowing the full consent of the saiva chaithanya only the prathista could be made firm satisfactorily.


The main festival of the temple is Painkuny Uthra Gramabhisheka Mahotsavam. It is celebrated in the Meena/Painkuny month(March-April). Painkuny Uthram is the birth day of Sree Dharma Sastha. Main rituals on the festival days are

First Day

Morning 5.00 am - Nirmalya Darsanam, 5.15 am - Ganapathy Homam, 6.30 am - Sreerudra Japam, 6.45 am Abhisheka Deeparadhana, 7.15 am Brahmachari Oottu, 8.00 am Navakam, 10.00 am onwards - Gramabhishekam

Gramabhishekam : The Gramabhishekam procession begins from the temple and the ezhunnallathu will proceed through Sasthamkovil theruvu, Ettuveedu(road to Sreevaraham), Neythasseri, Kothalam road, Nandini gardens, Punnakkal road, Vazhappally junction, Thekketheruvu, Chinnappilla Theruvu, Periyapilla theruvu, Chottupuratheruvu, Meleytheruvu, Sooryanpeshkaar lane, Swathi Nagar, Mithranandapuram theruvu, Patinjare theruvu, Sreepadam theruvu, Nadaykkatheruvu, Nagaraja kovil, Koopakkara madam mele theruvu, Varma travels, Ramaswami kovil theruvu, Doctor compound, Virakupurakotta theruvu, padmavilasam theruvu, Pazhavangadi theruvu, Rajadhani road, Thamman theruvu, Dikshitar theruvu, Kallampally theruvu, Malloor gramam(outside fort), Azhakappan compound, Sreedevi mandapam theruvu, Thamman theruvu, Tippu theruvu, Anaval theruvu, Onnam pithen theruvu, Kizhakke ottatheruvu, Randam puthen theruvu, Anaval theruvu, Hanuman kovil theruvu, Moonnam puthen theruvu and reaches Bhoothathan Kovil.

After Mangala Snanam the procession returns from the bhoothathan Kovil at around 9.30 pm through Randam puthen theruvu, Anaval theruvu, Thamman theruvu, Thekketheruvu Amman Kovil junction, Sringeri Sarada Madam and reaches the temple. Devotees can offer enna (oil) and Manjal Neeru for Abhishekam during the Gramabhisheka Ezhunnallathu

Evening: 4.30 pm - Nada thurakkal, 7.00 pm - Alankara Deeparadhana

Second Day

Morning 5.00 am - Nirmalya Darsanam, 5.15 am - Ashtadravya Ganapathy Homam, 8.00 am to 10.30 am Saneeswara Homam, 8.00 am Navakam, 11.00 am Uchapooja,

Saneeswara Homam: This is conducted in the temple for Sanidosha Pariharam. Sastha is the controler of Sani and worshipping Sastha will definitely help to get rid off the problems of Sanidasa. The Saneeswara Homam is a special homam for lord Saneeswara by offering ellu, ghee, haviss and samith. After the homam a 'Sasthru Yanthram' will be given to the devottee. Keeping and worshipping this yantra in your home will help to reduce your Sanidosham. Evening: 5.00pm - Nada thurakkal, 6.15 pm Pradosha Srirudra Japam, 6.25 pm Prdosha Abhishekam, 6.45 pm - Alankara Deeparadhana, 8.00pm - Athazha pooja

Third Day(Painkuny Uthram)

Morning 5.00 am - Nirmalya Darsanam, 5.15 am - Ashtadravya Ganapathy Homam, 8.00 am Navakam,8.00 am to 10.30 am Ashtotharasatha Ashtabhishekam (108 Kalasam), 10.30 am - Kalabhabhishekam, 11.00 am Uchapooja

Ashtotharasatha Ashtabhishekam (108 Kalasam): This is an important tantric ritual conducted in the temple as a special birthday offering to Lord sastha. For the Ashtabhishekam milk, tender coconut water, ghee, honey, panchamrutham, kalabham, panineer(rose water) and bhasmam are used. In this ritual 108 Kalasas are used symbolising Navagrahas in 12 rasis(12X9=108) and 4 Padas of 27 stars (4X27=108). After kalasa pooja in navaka kalasam 108 kalasa abhishekam is performed for lord satha and lord shiva. Both of them are abhisheka priya(who likes abhisheka). Each abhisheka has its own significance. Pal(milk) abhishekam is for health, long life and good children. Ilaneer(tender coconut water) abhishekam is for destroying your enemies and progress in education. Ghee abhishekam is for wealth, prosperity and protection of home. Honey abhishekam is for improvement of business, and good employment.Panchamrutha abhishekam is for physical health and wealth. Kalabha abhishekam is for marriage, cure from diseases and for clearing debt traps. Panineer(rose water) abhishekam is for victory and good marriage life. Bhasma abhishekam is for mukthi and mental peace.

Evening: 3.30 pm - Nada thurakkal, 6.30 pm - Alankara Deeparadhana, 7.00pm Pushpabhishekam, 8.00pm - Athazha pooja, 9.30 pm Mangala Gurusi

For offering special poojas during festival, book in advance. For details contact 9495121218

No. Pooja Amount
1 Pushpalankaram 3000.00
2 Uthsava Divasa Nitya Pooja 1500.00
3 Mahasasthru Chakram 500.00
4 Trikala Pooja 750.00
5 Ashtotharasatha Ashtabhishekam (108 Kalasam) 350.00
6 Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam 250.00
7 Saneeswara Homam 250.00
8 Idichu Pizhinja Payasam 1 Litre 350.00
9 Panchamrutha abhishekam 350.00
10 Ghee Abhishekam 100.00
11 Brahmana Namaskaram (for 1 person) 80.00
12 Rudrabhishekam 30.00
13 Bhasmabhishekam 30.00
14 Navagraharchana 50.00
15 Prdosha Abhisheka Pooja 50.00
16 Pothu Pushpabhishekam(for one family) 200.00
17 Chuttuvilakku 350.00


Maha Ganapathy, Durga (Rajarajeswari), Navagraha, Naga


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