Amanakara Sree Bharatha Temple

Amanakara Sree Bharatha Temple is situated in Rampuram Panchayt near Ramapuram in Kottayam district (3 km from Ramapuram Sree Rama Temple). The idol of Bharatha was installed here by a great Yogi more than 1500 years ago.

There were five manas (Brahmin homes) here. Hence this place got the name Iymanakkara (Iy – five). It signifies as a village with five Manas. Later Imanakkara became Amanakkara. Marthandavarma, King of Thiruvithamcoor, visited here and participated in the Namaskara Ootu, when he was in disguised attire in order to make plans to kill the Ettuveetil pillamar. A perfect blend of Kerala Vashtukala can be spotted in the Sreekovil and Namaskaramandapam of this temple.

Bharatha is considered as a great ruler and hence the Balikkal pura of the temple was the court of this village. Bharatha idol is facing west direction. In the north side, we can see a Shiva Temple which is facing the east direction.

Punam, Puthiyidam and Tamaramangalam Illams are the Oornama Nampoothiri Families. Now the temple is managed by Kerala Kshethra Samrakshana Samithi.

Annual festival is celebrated in Medam month which is a 6 day event and the aratt will be on Thiruvonam day. The Aarattu of Ramapuram Sree Rama Temple (in Meenam ) is conducted here. Sree Rama Paduka Pooja is done on that day. Palppayasam ,Thulasi Mala and Utsavabali are the main offerings for Bharatha. Swayamvara Pushpaanjali and Pradoshapooja are the main offerings for Shiva.

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