Shiva Temples in Vayanad District

Poothady Mahadeva Temple

Located at Poothady near Panamaram and Kenichira in Vayanad district. This temple was under the control of Kottayam Royal Family. Later Pazhassiraja handed over the temple to Poothady Nambiyar . Now this temple is managed by the members of Poothady family.Balusseri Koottalida Nagath Kavilkkar is the tantri. Sreekoyil is in rectangular shape and Lord Shiva faces west. Narasimha moorthy, Ganapathy, Gopalakrishna, Ayyappa, Subrahmanya and Nagar are the upadevathas. Seven day long annual festival begins on February 7th . Niraputhary is conducted on Thulam 10. Shivarathry is also celebrated. Payasam and dhara are the main offerings. The is the only Shiva temple in Vayand district with copper dwaja prathishta. Only two temples in Vayanad have dwaja prathishta. The other temple is Batheri Mahaganapathy Temple. There are two Valiya balikkal prathishtas here. One for Lord Shiva and another for Lord Narasimha. But there is no balikkalppura for Narasimha moorthy.

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