Shiva Temples in Kollam District

Trikkadavoor (Thrukkadavoor) Mahadeva Temple

Located at Trikkadavoor near Kollam. Trikkadavoor Temple is managed by Travancore Devaswom Board. The Swayambhoo Shivalinga is inside the rectangular sreekovil with copper covered conical roof. Here Shiva is in Kala Kala (who destroyed Kala to protect Markandeya) Bhava.Trikkadavoor Mahadeva Temple Mala Ambazhakkattu Mekkattu Nampoothiri is the tantri. This is a maha kshetra with golden dwaja prathishta and five poojas and three sreebalis daily. The ten day long annual festival is in Kumbham which begins on Chathayam day ends with arattu on Thiruvathira day. Shivarathry is also celebrated in Kumbham. Pradosham, Saturday and Mondays are important days for worshipping lord shiva. Mrityunjaya Homam, 101 Kalasa Abhishekam, Chathussatham are the main offerings.

Agastyakkodu Mahadeva Temple
Vettikkavala Mahadeva Mahavishnu Temple

Located at Vettikkavala near Kottarakkara in Kollam district. Vettikkavala Temple is managed by Travancore Devaswom Board. This is an ancient temple. One day Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu were travelling through this place. Attracted by the calmness and beauty of the place they decided to stay here. They send their servants Bhuthathan and Akkarathevar to find a suitable place for resting Bhuthathan identified the place for Shiva and Akkarathevar identified the place for Vishnu. Later temples were built at these places. Shiva temple is called Meloottu temple and Vishnu temple is called Keezhoottu temple. Both temples faces east and have copper dwaja prathishtas.

Shiva sreekovil is in round shape with copper covered conical roof. Vishnu sreekovil is in rectangular shape and is two tired with copper covered pyramidall roof. Shiva temple has a Koothambalam inside the Valiyambalam and Ganapathy, Yakshi and Rakshass are the subdieties. Chathussatha and dhara are the main offerings to Lord Shiva. Palppayasam is the main offering to Lord Vishnu.

The ten day long annual festival of both the temples are in Kumbham which begins on Chathayam day and ends with koodi arattu on Thiruvathira day. Thazhaman is the tantri of Shiva temple and Adissamangalm Nampoothiri is the tantry of Vishnu temple. Ashtamirohini, shivarathry , navarathry and ashtami are also celebrated.

The main specialty of Vettikkavala temple is the deities Vathilkkal Njali Devi and Kochu Moorthy. Vathilkkal Njali idol is installed (facing north) in the namaskaramandapam and Kochu Moorthy idol is installed outside the compound wall of Shiva temple. Karivala, dolls and cradles are the main offerings for Vathilkkal Najali Devi and She protects children from the attack of diseases. Vellam Kudi (which includes Charayam, egg, chicken, murukkan, pattudayada etc) is the main offering for Kochu moorthy or Appooppan.

Chadayamangalam Mahadeva Temple

Located at Chadayamangalam (M.C Road) in Kollam district. This Temple is managed by Travancore Devaswom Board. Chadayamangalam temple faces east and has a bronze dwaja prathishta. The annual festival ends with arattu on Thiruvathira day in Dhanu.The name Chadayamangalam is derived from the word Chadayan (Jadayan) which is another name for Lord Shiva. This place is also called Jadayumangalam because Jadayu attained moksha at this place and Lord Rama did tarppana for him at this place. Jadayuppara (rock) is near to this temple and attracts many tourists.

Cheriyazheekkal Sree Kasi Viswanatha Temple
Kamankulangara Mahadeva Temple Chavara
Ochira Parabrahma Temple
Kadakkal Mahadeva Temple

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